Area Rugs

What is a "Custom Area Rug"

It is an area rug designed and made especially for you! It can be elaborate or designed to make a simple elegant statement. We can do intricate patterns, multiple borders or the understated 2" banding or binding. The cues for the design solution are dictated by your space, needs, likes and or wants.

SIZE- is determined by your space - traffic pattern - furniture layout - sitting areas - table size

COLOR- is defined by surrounding colors; such as color of background walls, be it paint or wall coverings, furniture, window treatments, a favorite print - we can build a design for you around any motif!

SHAPE- is determined by space, walkways, related furniture, accent on visibility.

MATERIALS- our custom made area rugs are cut from carpeting - any type, style, texture and color that works for the benefit of the total rug. Fabrics can even be inserted and used as borders or in parts of the design!

HOW IS IT DONE? First we work on the design process - needs, colors, correct scale, proportion and emphasis are determined. Then one to three design solutions are created and presented to you. Colors and details are tweaked if needed.

Price is determined. After the final selection - the magic begins!

Carpets are ordered - design enlarged to scale and pieces are cut. Then the rug is put together much like seaming a carpet in an installed situation. When completed - all that follows is delivery and enjoyment!

We work with the Shaw family of carpets: Salem Carpets, Philadelphia, Queen and Sutton. They have an attractive and overwhelming range of carpet styles, price ranges and colors to work in your home! As Shaw states: this is, "Where Great Floors Begin".

Here we are highlighting just two possibilities for you, come see many more at McClurg's Decorating Center!
 If you are looking for ease of care and subtle back drop carpeting that wears consider the Town Creek carpet style. It features three different pile weights to choose from. This gives a you choice of price range and the availability of 50 different colors!
All three pile weights are:
* made out of 100% EVERTOUCH BCF Nylon
* FHA approved
* have lifetime stain resistance and soil resistance warranties.                            
* 15 year quality assurance
* 15 year texture retention
* 15 year abrasive wear warranties.
You will have to check out their 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee!
Perhaps an up-to-date no worry snazzy look is what you want from your next carpet installation. Consider the new Frieze yarn in the Game Changer carpet style. This line is the new rave! Tough, tough, tough! Fun, fun, fun! A great textural look for wear and tear but comfort also. The 30 different colors in this line have six 'Berber' looks; featuring slightly different yarn shades of the same color and 24 solids. It features 100% BCF Nylon- Evergreen Nylon recyclable fiber! It is constructed of Nylon 6, a recyclable carpet fiber, so it can be returned to carpet production. You will be RECYLING BIG!
* 100% BCF Nylon
* R2X soil and stain resistance warranty 7-year
* 7-year Texturegard Warranty
* FHA approved

Worried about everyday spills? Come see us for the best spot cleaner ever! We have sold and used a product called SUN MAGIC for years! It does work magic on stains, spots, even Tennessee red clay! Come by for this fantastic cleaner. It comes as a concentrate to be mixed in a spray bottle. Squirt, let it stand a moment and blot up with a clean cloth. You will truly be impressed!

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