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We carry four lines of hardwood to give a full range of color, type of wood species and style for your selection. From traditional solid plank oak to the harder maples, cherries or exotic woods we have you covered! We also have you covered if the versatile engineered wood is what you need for an on-grade or below grade installation (only you and your installer will know!). The wood manufacturers we deal confidently with are: Hartco by Armstrong Hardwood, Versini, Zickgraf and Shaw. We can help you make a confident hardwood flooring decision, then stay in touch with us because we have a full stock of all the cleaning supplies you will need! Armstrong Hardwood and Laminate cleaner is a breeze. Your wood or laminate flooring will shine with ease!
Armstrong Hardwood
Armstrong Hardwood provides the quality engineered or solid 3/4 inch flooring for your residential or commercial application. Constructed of oak or another wood species such as pecan or maple, Armstrong Hardwood provides pre-finished strip plank and parquet wood offerings. With proper maintenance the urethane finish products finished with an aluminum oxide coating give the user years of durability. Acrylic impregnated products provide even longer wear warranty for residential or commercial applications. Armstrong is taking the Hartco legacy to new heights!
Versini Hardwood
Versini Hardwood Floors is dedicated to the design and production of the highest-quality engineered wood flooring. Our passion for quality and design is reflected in our expansive collection of wood flooring styles, all carefully crafted by veteran artisans. Versini Hardwood Floors has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of wood flooring in the world, and a leader in the "Green Movement." We produce more flooring from rapidly renewable and recycled material sources than any other hardwood flooring manufacturer.

Zickgraf Hardwood Flooring offers 3/4" solid pre-finished and unfinished flooring in oak, hickory, ash, maple, walnut and various cherry species.

For over half-a-century, Zickgraf has captured the natural beauty of solid wood and transformed it into floors of exceptional quality and enduring elegance. A generous 3/4" thick, Franklin Collection solid wood floors represent the peak of perfection when it comes to delivering a level of definition and quality of character today's discriminating homeowner demands. Come inspect this special flooring!

Hardwood by Shaw Floors

Add warm elegance and natural charm to any room of your home with Shaw's hardwood floors. Get lasting appeal and the foundation for a number of fashionable looks among our many Shaw wood samples. McClurg's Decorating Center boast the following Shaw hardwood species: Bamboo, Cherry, Maple, Red and White Oak, Mahogany and exotics such as Tigerwood.

Enjoy not only the beauty of a Shaw hardwood, but environmentally friendly products by Shaw. Shaw representatives state, "All of our green programs and innovations notwithstanding, we must produce environmentally friendly
products for our efforts to be meaningful to consumers. Of course, the most important consideration in purchasing any new carpet or floor covering is the level of quality it provides. With Shaw, you can be assured that you are getting the finest floor covering available. But isn't it good to know that some products you buy are also good for the environment?"  Need we say more?
Shaw Hardwood is EpicTM Hardwood. 3/8" Epic uses 50% less newly harvested wood than conventional 3/8" thick engineered wood flooring. It is made with EnviroCoreTM-a dense, inner core composed of wood fiber by-products created in the manufacture of other products that are otherwise burned or put into landfills, and Epic premium veneers come from managed forests. Enjoy your new hardwood floor that's good for your home and the planet.   
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